Current Sponsors and Stewards

Reach 1 – Upper Cerro Gordo Road     Reach 01 signpost    

Sponsor: Angelica Foundation       

Steward: Stewardship pending


Reach 2 – Armijo Park to Camino Cabra

Sponsor: “The Residents”

Steward: Upaya Zen Center


Reach 3Camino Cabra – Patrick Smith ParkReach 03 signpost

Sponsor: Brindle Foundation

Steward: Santa Fe Prep



Reach 4 – Patrick Smith Park – Palace Avenue

Sponsor: Mike McCally & Chris Cassel / Kaiser Permanente

Steward: Amma Center of New Mexico-Green Friends


Reach 5 – Palace Avenue – El Alamo

Sponsor: McCune Charitable Foundation

Steward: Amma Center of New Mexico-Green Friends


Reach 6 – El Alamo – Escondido

Sponsor: The Glassmires

Steward: Rio Grande School


Reach 7Escondido – Delgado

Sponsor: Karen Walker Real Estate

Steward: Women Who Walk on Water


Reach 8Delgado – Paseo de Peralta

Sponsor: Inn on the Alameda

Steward: The Santa Fe Garden Club


Reach 9 – Paseo de Peralta – Brothers Lane Bridge

Sponsor: El Castillo Retirement Residences

Steward: Open for Stewardship


Reach 10 – Brothers Lane Bridge – Old Santa Fe Trail10 signpost

Sponsor: Inn and Spa of Loretto

Steward: Open for Stewardship


Reach 11 – Old Santa Fe Trail – Shelby

Sponsor: Rotary Club of Santa Fe

Steward: New Mexico State Land Office


Reach 12Shelby – Don Gaspar

Sponsor: La Fonda Hotel

Steward: New Mexico State Supreme Court Building Commission


Reach 13Don Gaspar – GalisteoReach 13 signpost

Sponsor: Inn of the Governors

Steward: UPCYCLE Santa Fe



Reach 14Galisteo – Sandoval


Steward: Santa Fe Waldorf School


Reach 15Sandoval – GuadalupeReach 15

Sponsor: Los Alamos National Bank

Steward: Rotary Club of Santa Fe


Reach 16Guadalupe – DeFouri

Sponsor: Outside Magazine

Steward: St. Elizabeth Shelter


17 SignpostReach 17DeFouri – Closson Foot Bridge

Sponsor: The Santa Fe New Mexican

Steward: Sierra Club



Reach 18Closson – the Boys & Girls Club

Sponsor: United Church of Santa Fe

Steward: Sierra Club


Reach 19Boys & Girls Club – St. Francis


Steward: Sierra Club


Reach 20St. Francis to metal bridge

Sponsor: The New Mexico Bank & Trust

Steward: Desert Montessori School


Reach 21St. Francis to Alire Stretch – metal to 1st wooden bridge

Sponsor: Santa Fe Stone

Steward: Dragon Fly School


Reach 22St. Francis to Alire Stretch – 1st wooden bridge to 2nd wooden bridge

Sponsor: La Montanita Co-op

Steward: Only Green Design


Reach 23St. Francis to Alire Stretch – 2nd wooden bridge to 3rd wooden bridge

Sponsor: Children’s Adventure Company

Steward: Grace Community Church


Reach 24St. Francis to Alire Stretch – 3rd wooden bridge to Camino Alire

Sponsor: Turtle Mountain

Steward: Heather Karlson and Bill Leeson


Reach 25Alire to Ricardo Road

Sponsor: Agua Fria Nursery

Steward: Easy Way Team


Reach 26Ricardo Road – Don José

Sponsor: A Group of Neighbors – Celebrating SFWA’s Members and Volunteers

Steward: Capital High School National Honors Society


Reach 27Don José – Camino Carlos Rael

Sponsor: Dahl Plumbing of Santa Fe

Steward: Friends of Frenchy’s Field


Reach 28Siler Road CrossingP1150583

Sponsor: Arrowhead Ranch

Steward: Santa Fe High School NJROTC


Reach 29 San Isidro Park

Sponsor: Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company

Steward: Aldea and Friends


Reach 30El Camino Real Park – Hwy. 599


Steward: Dharma Group

2 thoughts on “Current Sponsors and Stewards

  1. Hi there, I just joined SFWA today and I notice there are some openings in your “adopt a river” project. I work at Desert Montessori and we are currently looking at ways we can become more active in the community. Could you briefly tell me about sponsorship – what does that mean exactly? I see that Reach 20 is open for the care of a steward – this would be a great opportunity for our school if I can get it off the ground. I work with the 3-6 year old children so I would need to pitch the idea to the elementary teachers in addition to the directress. I would prefer to do stewardship as it gives the kids the physical connection to the river and land. For the last 24 years I have incorporated environmental education in a Montessori setting and am always looking for more “hands-on” work. I look forward to being a member of SFWA!

    1. Hi Melia,

      I’m sorry that it has taken this long to respond to your message. Normally we’re sent a notice letting us know that there is a message waiting for comment on our website.

      I am going to forward your message to Robin Hilliard, our Adopt-the-River Coordinator. She will be able to give you all the information you need to become a Sponsor. Thank you so much for your interest!

      Raquel Tompson

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