Prescribed Burns

Periodic prescribed burns in the surrounding mountains often prompt many locals to question the reasoning behind such actions. The short reasoning is that science appears to support thinning and burning as an effective way to limit dangerous wildfires. Looking for a more detailed response? Read up on all the evidence in this full report: PRESCRIBED BURNS

Santa Fe Blue Pages

This a reference and resource filled with easy ways to protect our water resources and enjoy the Santa Fe River Watershed. We hope you will keep it handy and will consult it for information and suggestions on living sustainably in our region. It includes information about where Santa Fe’s water comes from -including original maps of the entire watershed and close-ups on its three reaches – and how our water resources are managed by the City of Santa Fe. Readers will learn why public investment in sound management practices makes sense for our health, safety, and economy. It also features detailed recommendations for ways of using less water and protecting people, water resources, and lands downstream from us: SANTA FE BLUE PAGES

Santa Fe Watershed Forest Climate Adaptation Plan 2013

Long periods of drought, unprecedented storm events, warmer average temperatures, rising seas, unpredictable weather patterns – we are already seeing the impacts of a changing climate. Here in the southwestern United States, these changes are being expressed through reduced snowpack, shifting precipitation patterns, decreased water supplies, and increased temperatures. As a result, we have already experienced catastrophic wildfires, flooding and reduced agricultural yields. Trends we expect to continue. Fortunately, there is something we can do about it. Seeing these patterns taking hold, The Santa Fe Watershed Association contracted with the Model Forest Policy Program to develop a climate adaptation plan through their Climate Solutions University planning process. A team of experts from the greater Santa Fe community worked with CSU to develop this plan that was release initially in December 2013: FOREST CLIMATE ADAPTATION PLAN 2013

Upper Watershed Kids: UPPER WATERSHED KIDS

USFS map-historical treatments: USFS MAP-HISTORICAL TREATMENTS