Santa Fe Arroyo Reaches

Our arroyos are divided into ‘reaches,’ which are defined as stretches of an arroyo that are similar and continuous in their characteristics. These reaches typically measure 2,000 ft. in length. Each reach is unique and requires a loving sponsor and steward team to care for its wellbeing. Arroyos are usually divided into 3 reaches.

Click here to view an aerial map that shows our adopted arroyos and the specific assessment of each:

Arroyo Rosario

Arroyo Mascaras

Arroyo Chamisos

Arroyo Cabra

Arroyo Pinos

Arroyo Frijoles

Arroyo Torreon

Arroyo Saiz

Arroyo Piedra

Arroyo Chapparal

Arroyo CloudStone

Arroyo Foothill

Arroyo Ancha

Arroyo Nopal

Arroyo en Medio

Arroyo del Las Cruces