2018 Mayoral Candidate Q & A

The Santa Fe Watershed Association asked the city’s Mayoral candidates the following questions related to watershed issues. Click the questions below to see their responses.


Question 1: What is your view of Santa Fe’s Target Flow for a Living River Ordinance passed in 2012 that provides for river flowers during spring runoff? 


Question 2: In your opinion, in this potential extreme drought year, are river flows through the City at risk of being terminated or should we strive to conserve more water?


Question 3: Stormwater used to be treated as a necessary evil to be channeled on downstream. Now the City is developing a new stormwater plan, are there any standards for commercial buildings that you would like to see implemented in that plan?


Question 4: What are your thoughts regarding the highly successful My Water, My Watershed program that is an experiential science-based education program for fourth and fifth grade Santa Fe Public School students? 


Question 5: In 2017, the Santa Fe Watershed Association celebrated its 15th anniversary for the Adopt-the-River program.  What are your reflections on this stewardship activity to help take care of the Santa Fe River?


Question 6:  How do you view the future of reclaimed wastewater in supplementing either directly or indirectly Santa Fe’s water supply? If the amount of treated wastewater discharged into the Santa Fe river is reduced, what impact to you anticipate on communities downstream of the City, and how can this impact be mitigated?


Question 7: The upper watershed was closed to public access in 1932 to protect water quality.  It is now the only public lands watershed in New Mexico or Colorado that is closed to public access, and Santa Fe treats and drinks water from the Rio Grande.  What are your thoughts on this closure?